Story 011a

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1. A police artist will ask a victim to ___ the criminal so the artist can draw a likeness.
5. In cities, people often hand out ___s to pedestrians. These one-page ___s are ads for stores or events.
7. An allergy can ___ your eyes. Some foods can ___ your stomach. Some annoying people can ___ you.
8. The ___ highway system connects 48 states. (Forget about Alaska and Hawaii.)
10. You can collect stamps, photos, or autographs in an ___. Do you have a photo ___?
11. 'My way, or the ___' means follow my instructions, or hit the road.
12. ___ Watch is an organization of community residents who watch for and report suspicious people in the ___.


2. Millions of ___s going to work get stuck in rush-hour traffic every day.
3. If you see a ___-looking person in your neighborhood, you should call the police.
4. A ___ vaulter in the Olympics uses a ___ to ___ vault over a horizontal bar that might be 19 feet high. Sometimes the ___ breaks.
5. If you can ___ out a solution, you can solve the problem.
6. ___s are huge advertising signs on the sides of streets and freeways. Many of them have flashing lights.
9. People live in ___s in ___ parks. A tractor-___ is usually called a truck or a big rig.