Story 012a

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4. Why do you ___ me of having another girlfriend just because I have lipstick on my collar? No man likes to be ___d of cheating on his girlfriend. (Even though it's often true that he IS cheating.)
5. ___ comes with age and experience. If you're lucky, you won't have any problems with your ___ teeth.
7. Parents try to ___-train their children at an early age so the children can stop using diapers and start using the bathroom like adults.
8. Lazy people often ___ a page out of a public phone book instead of writing down the information on that page.
10. ___ vegetables are tastier and more nutritious than frozen or canned vegetables. Just make sure you wash them before you eat them. (E. coli is everywhere.)
11. Now you can ___ your own book on the Internet. You don't have to send your manuscript to a big ___ing company and hope for the best.
14. Friends ___ your life. So do art, music, and literature. You are richer for them all.
17. Both men and women prefer to date or marry someone with a good sense of ___, someone who can make them laugh.
18. If you try to fit into clothes that are too tight, you might ___ them when you sit down or bend over.
19. Don't ___ your food with your mouth open. It's disgusting to see someone doing that.
20. A ___fish is pretty, but its tentacles will sting you sharply if you swim into it. Jam, ___, and preserves are similar.


1. A ___ could be a young human or a young goat. My niece Caroline is still a little ___.
2. If you're in a ___, you're in a tight spot. You need help. A traffic ___.
3. After officials rescue injured wild animals, they ___ them back into the wild as soon as they're healthy.
6. Criminals ___ cars because people often leave their cars unlocked. Sometimes the car is never found.
9. If you walk too fast with a cup of coffee, you will surely ___ some of it.
12. If you ___ into the phone, it bothers people. Most people can't stand to hear that irritating sound.
13. Village, town, city, ___, state, nation.
15. The FBI publishes ___ statistics regularly to let citizens know how many ___s the criminals are committing.
16. If you can't swim or float, there is a good chance you will ___ if you accidentally fall into deep water.