Story 013a

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2. The President appoints the agency heads, such as the Secretary of Education, who form his ___. A woodworker often makes ___s.
4. Most amateur golfers hit a ___, meaning the ball goes from left to right (for right-handers). Most professional golfers hit a draw or a fade. Hardly anyone hits it straight.
5. If you're in trouble or having a problem, you might be 'in a ___.'
7. All men are ___s until they get married. Then they're husbands.
9. Chicken ___ soup is popular. It is made of chicken and ___s. Mothers give it to their sick children.
10. ___ pickles are popular with sandwiches. ___ is an herb used for seasoning.
12. If you ___ your teeth in your sleep, you will eventually destroy the enamel.
13. If you '___ your soul,' you tell someone your deepest secrets. ___ feet are not allowed in most restaurants.
15. The submarine raced to the surface and ___ rammed and sank a pleasure boat, drowning most of the tourists on the boat. The captain of the sub apologized.


1. Every year, two professional football teams play in the championship game, called the Super ___.
2. ___s and cheese is a popular snack. ___s are crispy. A saltine is a ___.
3. Every once in a while, you should ___ your toilet bowl, your bathtub, and your shower walls to keep the crud from building up.
4. There are all kinds of ___: chicken noodle, tomato, potato, vegetable, bean with bacon, and pea, to name a few. Most ___ comes in cans.
6. If you let food sit on the plates overnight after dinner, you will have to ___ the food off the plates. You might even have to soak the plates before you can ___ the food off.
8. A piston fits into a ___. The ___ of a revolver can spin around.
11. A new gasket will often fix ___ joints. Sometimes a restaurant will give you a ___ container that drips all over the place.
14. A frog likes to sit on a lily ___ in the pond. If you have a pencil, you'll want a ___ to go with it.