Story 014a

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5. If you have a wooden deck behind your house, you have to put a ___ on it every year or two to protect the wood from rotting in the rain.
6. The ___ of a circle is the measure of its widest part, through its center. The radius of a circle is half the length of the ___.
8. It's not polite to ___ something at the dinner table. You should ask someone to pass it to you, please.
12. Pipes, tubes, and straws have a ___ shape.
13. --Please ___ me to pick up some milk at the grocery store. --OK. Remember to pick up some milk at the grocery store. Don't say I didn't ___ you.
14. You can buy your groceries at a ___ store.
15. Water will ___ many metals, causing them to rust.
16. People often feed their dog ___ of food left over from dinner.


1. '___' is where two pieces of cloth are sewn together. Pants length is a measurement of the in___.
2. When you are online, after you download a software program, you have to ___ it, sometimes with an installation wizard.
3. ___s are often made of rubber or cork. They help prevent various liquids from leaking out.
4. ___ are a great tool for pulling nails out of a piece of wood.
5. People use a ___ to tighten or loosen a screw.
7. The ___ of a product uses one or more factories to ___ that product.
9. If you have problems with your drains or toilet, call the ___.
10. Ice cubes ___ in a glass when you shake the glass slightly.
11. Kids, who are always running around, have a lot more ___ than grandparents, who are always sitting around.