Story 015a

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1. The burglar ___ figured out how to break into the house without making a sound.
3. Some women with a big ___ on their nose will have it removed by plastic surgery.
4. If you move to the US, you have to learn to ___ grams and meters to ounces and yards.
5. A woman who has just been deserted by her boyfriend or husband is a ___ woman. She is desperate for love to replace the jerk who left her.
8. Do you know what ___red on September 11, 2001?
9. Men can grow a ___ on their upper lip and a goatee on their chin.
11. 'Warning--This Vehicle Makes ___ Stops' is a sign on the back of trash trucks and postal vehicles, which stop often.
12. If the phone or doorbell rings while you're reading a great book, you will feel that it's an ___.


2. If you steal something from someone, that is called ___. If you steal something of great value, it's called grand ___.
3. To help prevent ___, homeowners should belong to Neighborhood Watch.
5. Don't be a ___ of fraud. If you get an email saying that you won a million dollars, delete it.
6. When you are on a crowded train, you will get ___d by your fellow travelers as they try to get on and off.
7. Some intersections have a sign saying No Right Turn on Red. If you make a right turn on red, you commit a traffic ___.
10. A strong lock can help prevent ___ of your bicycle.