Story 015

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1. Some people will pay a doctor to remove the ___ on their nose. Some people don't mind the ___. They think that the ___ adds 'character' to their nose.
2. When you think '___,' you also think Alzheimer's disease. Or, you think 'Grandma.'
5. Maybe. The opposite of 'definitely.'
7. Dial 911 for the fire department or the ___ department.
8. Many ___s are so filthy and stinky that people prefer to 'go' in the great outdoors.
10. 'I have a ___ dollars' is similar to 'I have a couple of dollars.'
11. You put your keys, pen, wallet, etc. into your ___s.
12. Accidents occur when drivers ___ an off-ramp and crash into cars that are exiting the freeway.
14. Some people think that ___back, or revenge, is sweet.
20. If you are in a crowded room, elbow to elbow, you will be ___d. If you don't like to be touched or ___d by strangers, stay out of crowded places.
21. A ___ is a very clever and brave thief. He will stand right next to you and rob you, but you don't realize it until later.
22. The elderly woman discovered that her ___ was missing.
23. The ___ occurred while the homeowners were on vacation. Everything was stolen except the carpet.


1. Sometimes friends will stand ___ you, cover your eyes with their hands, and say 'Guess who?'
3. Scientists are always ___ing new things about our fascinating world.
4. English is crazy. If you break into a home, it's called '___.' But, if you break into a building, it's NOT called 'buildingbreaking.'
5. If a man asks a woman her age or weight, she might slap him and say, 'That's ___. It's none of your business.'
6. Women often have to carry ___s. All the junk they carry around cannot fit into their pockets.
9. A robbery. A burglary. Rhymes with the past tense of 'leave.'
13. If you have a wart or a big ugly mole, you want to get it ___d.
15. Sort. Kind. What ___ of person are you?
16. In school, a bully ___s on weak students. Unfortunately, bullies exist in AND outside of school, so you will meet them as long as you live.
17. ___ people are good at solving problems.
18. What did the elderly ___ tell the police?
19. 'Honey, you ___ my heart,' Mike told Laura.