Story 016a

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1. New Year's Eve is a time of ___ all over the world.
4. The lost little girl was ___ing because she couldn't find her mommy. No one could make her stop crying.
7. Mommy ___ed out to the swimming pool in the back yard when she heard a yell and a splash.
9. ___ are homes for orphans.
12. A ___ practitioner, who is not quite a doctor, makes more money than a registered ___.
14. The doctor will ___ you in the examination room.
15. If someone is run over while crossing the street, friends might build a ___ of burning candles on the sidewalk to honor that person.
16. The dynamite ___ed a huge hole in the mountainside.
17. If your parents die or desert you when you're young, you become an ___.
18. When people move to a new city, they often ___ it to find out where everything is.


2. A ___ is a young child, often one who has just learned how to walk.
3. --Bob is depressed. Is there anything we can do to ___ him up? --I don't know. Maybe if we find him a new girlfriend, that will ___ him up.
5. Candy bars usually come in ___s. You have to take off the ___ before you can eat the candy bar.
6. A young child would probably call a lion a 'kitty' and a rabbit a '___.'
8. Doctors Without Borders ___ their time and skill to help sick people worldwide. They do it for free.
10. They say that if you ___ at a mountain lion, it won't attack you. It will leave you alone. Yep, that's what they say. Good luck.
11. If you're in a ___, or gay, mood, you want to party.
13. When the little girl met ET for the first time in the movie 'ET,' she ___ed because she was so frightened.