Story 016

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3. I'm not ___ finished. Please give me another minute or so. English learners often confuse ___ with two other words that begin with the same letter.
5. 'I ___, you ___, we all ___ for ice cream.'
7. You never pronounce the T in 'listen,' but you can (if you choose) pronounce the T in '___.'
11. '___ money.' Lost and ___. George Washington is a ___ing Father of the US.
13. 'Free-___ chickens' are allowed to wander around in the great outdoors. They're not cooped up in crowded pens. 'Home on the ___' is a popular old song.
14. 100-yard ___. 100-meter ___. All cars have a ___board. A recipe might call for a ___ of salt.
15. Raise your voice. Shout. Many people ___ at the TV when they're watching a soccer game.
18. Pull over to the side of the road when you see an ambulance or ___ engine with its lights and siren on.
21. Young kids who have no parents often live in an ___, where the government feeds and shelters them.
22. The season when leaves change color and ___ off the trees.
23. 'Gentlemen, ___ your engines' is how many auto races begin.
24. No matter how old you get, you will always be your mama's '___.'


1. The best way to find one thing is to ___ for another thing. If you ___ for A, you will find B-Z. You won't find A until you search for B or C or ....
2. The wind ___. The whistle ___. 'You ___ it!'
4. ___ed toad. ___y teenagers. Impatient drivers like to honk their ___.
6. ___s honor soldiers who died in battle. ___ Day is a national holiday that occurs in late May.
8. Some people say that an electrical device has a MOTOR, but a vehicle has an ___.
9. Sometimes, a ___ day turns into a rainy day.
10. Christians go to church on ___. 'Never on ___' is a tune from the movie 'Zorba the Greek' (1963).
11. If you are in a ___ mood, you are happy and you want to party. You might even want to go to a festival or carnival.
12. After he was buried on Good Friday, Jesus Christ arose from the dead on ___ Sunday.
16. Drivers often take the ___ streets when there is a SigAlert or other problem on the freeways. Of course, the ___ streets are usually no faster.
17. Trains and ships have horns that will ___ for miles. Dynamite can ___ holes in mountains.
19. Scrambled, fried, poached, deviled. 'He's a good ___.'
20. Nightclubs and restaurants have a valet service to ___ your car and sometimes steal your loose change.