Story 017a

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2. A stretch ___ costs a lot of money to rent, plus you have to tip the chauffeur.
4. You can protect the ___ by recycling. Many 'green' products are ___ally friendly.
5. Turn on the left ___ to get hot water and the right ___ to get cold water.
10. Some people think that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the ___ that you lie on will be.
11. Many scientists try to conduct their experiments in a ___ environment. The operating room in a hospital is ___ to prevent infection.
12. Put the ___ on top of the sheets when you make the bed.
13. Sometimes you can't make a reservation for dinner unless there is a ___ from someone who already made a reservation.


1. You can use your driver's license or your passport to ___ yourself.
3. The crowd ___ed when they heard that the star performer was about to appear.
5. 'Get your ___ hands off of me!' the woman yelled at the dirty old man.
6. People hope they will go to ___, or heaven, when they die.
7. A criminal might threaten a ___ to a crime. If so, the ___ might not appear in court to testify.
8. You should ___ judgment about someone until you have plenty of information about them.
9. Many corporations pay ___ists to persuade Congressmen to vote a certain way or pass certain bills.
11. Your car might ___ if it's low on gas or the air filter is filthy. Or it might ___ for a hundred other reasons. Regardless, you won't be going anywhere until the problem is fixed.