Story 017

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1. Grandma knitted a beautiful ___ for every bed in the house.
5. --I love you. ___, I'm not IN love with you. --That's ok. ___ you feel about me won't change how I feel about you.
6. The truth is ___r than fiction. Never take candy from ___rs.
8. Medical instruments should always be ___. Non___ instruments might contain bacteria and viruses.
9. '___ to bed, ___ to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.'
10. I ___ that I can fix my computer, but I will try anyway.
13. 'Don't mess with ___.' The second biggest state. GW Bush lives here.
15. You meant to write a check for $100, but you wrote it for $1000? You'd better call the bank and ___ that check!
17. We thought our son had a problem when we saw him put his cat into a ___ and swing the ___ around and around to make the poor cat dizzy.
19. Many states require you to have a ___ at your wedding. The police found a ___ who saw the robbery. 'Eye___ News' is ABC News.
20. Toilets, sewers, and ashtrays are ___. Dirty old men have ___ minds.
21. --Don't say that I always forget. That's vague. Be more ___. Name one time, just one time, that I forgot. --You mean today?


2. --I ___ to jump across this ditch. You won't do it because you're chicken. --I am not chicken. Watch this!
3. Births, birthdays, and weddings are happy ___s. Funerals are sad ___s.
4. Travelers usually sleep in motels, inns, hostels, or ___s. Or their cars if they have little money.
6. People prefer to sleep on fresh, clean ___s.
7. If you have a 'heart ___,' you should see a doctor. The students ___ed when the teacher surprised them with a pop quiz.
10. A laptop is portable. A ___top computer isn't.
11. A ___ of dirty clothes. A ___ of dirt. A ___ of papers.
12. Sheets, blankets, and pillowcases.
14. Heaven. Eden. Some people think that Hawaii is ___ on Earth.
16. It's easier to convict someone if you have ___. A ___reader catches and fixes speling erors.
18. The ___ is a busy place in a hotel. People check in, check out, and meet each other here.