Story 018a

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1. If you have a ___ condition, you have had it for a long time. And probably will continue to.
5. Many countries have to deal with ___ immigrants who enter the country looking for work and for a better future.
7. ___, a Story 0told with music, is very popular. Verdi and Wagner were great ___ composers. You go to an ___ house to enjoy ___.
9. If you drive into a parked car, it is your ___ to leave a note for the owner of that car with your name and phone number.
10. You get a blue ___ if you win first place in some contests. 'Tie a yellow ___ 'round an old oak tree' is part of a song.
12. 'A-choo!' They say it's impossible to ___ with your eyes open.
13. People ___ when their nose is running. Even though they wipe or blow their nose, they continue to ___ when they have a cold.
15. If you don't keep your dog on a ___, it might run away from you to chase a cat or get into a fight with another dog.
16. If you are ___ to cats, you might sneeze and itch if a cat sits next to you.


2. If the police officer gives you a ___, or ticket, for speeding, you must pay the fine and maybe go to traffic school too.
3. What isn't made of ___ nowadays? Computers, TVs, and even some pistols, are made of ___.
4. If you have a house, you often have a front ___ and a back ___ which you have to mow during the growing season.
6. If you want to fight your citation, you can go to the ___ and tell the judge that the police officer made a mistake. (Good luck.)
8. ___ is a fancy word for indigestion. Most people say that they have indigestion, not ___.
11. If you put your jewelry in a safe ___ box at the bank, your jewelry will be safe.
14. When you get out of the taxi, you must pay the driver the ___ and also give him a tip.