Story 018

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4. You can wait for the bus, or you can call a ___. The ___ is much faster, but also more expensive.
5. 'For sale by ___' means the ___ of a house is trying to sell it by himself. He doesn't want to have to pay a realtor a commission.
7. Nowadays you must ___ of your dead batteries, TVs, and computers in special recycling places.
9. Waiters, waitresses, busboys, valets, bartenders, and many other service employees hope for generous ___s from satisfied customers.
11. ___ is the formal word for ma'am, as in 'yes, ma'am.'
12. Keep your dog on a ___, but not your cat. Cats like to be free.
13. If you are breaking the law, you are doing something ___.
16. A singer's most important possession is his/her ___.
17. 'Tell it to the ___,' the police officer will say when you try to explain why you were doing 85 mph on the freeway.
18. 'She's an old ___' is an impolite thing to say about an elderly lady.
19. Your grocery bag is either paper or ___.
22. If you run a red light, you might get a $341 ___, which won't be ___ with you or your wallet.
23. If it's against the ___, it's illegal.
24. 'I ain't got ___' is street talk for 'I don't have anything.'


1. If you make a ___, you must clean it up. Even if it's not you, but your kid or your pet that makes a ___, you still must clean it up.
2. A fishing ___. A telephone ___. Santa Claus lives at the North ___.
3. --Why? --___. (Of course, another dialog is: --Why? --Why not?)
4. The ___ is where the judges, lawyers, and juries meet for trials.
6. 'She's a ___' is an impolite way to say a woman is unattractive.
7. A ___ to your bank account is the opposite of a withdrawal from your account.
8. --What did you do? --Nothing. --Where did you go? --___. --Who did you see? --No one.
10. The ___ is the price you pay for a cab or bus ride.
14. If you want to smoke a cigarette, you need to ___ it with a ___er or with matches.
15. People get tickets, or ___s, for running red lights. (That is, if they get caught by the police. Most people don't get caught.)
20. People living in the suburbs like to have lush, green, pretty ___s. They just don't like to mow those ___s.
21. Twelve ___s of the zodiac. ___ your name on the dotted line. Don't run a stop ___.