Story 019a

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1. People use cameras to take ___s. A war ___er is a brave person.
3. Women, and men too, like to get a ___ regularly to help care for their hands and fingernails.
8. If you have an ___ Picasso (1881-1973) painting, you can sell it for millions.
9. A beauty ___, or beauty parlor, is where women go to make their hair look beautiful.
10. Many toys used to have a spring and a key for kids to ___ up the toy and watch it walk or move. You don't have to ___ your watch anymore because today's watches are battery-powered.
11. A ___ is an introductory book that gives you the basics about a subject.
12. A professor might take a ___, or a break from teaching, to research or write a book.


2. ___ is what you pay for instruction, usually at a college but also at a private school. You don't have to pay ___ while you're in public grade school or high school.
4. A ___ statement is short and clear. If you are wordy, you bore people and forget your point.
5. President Nixon's secretary accidentally ___d 18 minutes from an audio tape. All you could hear on the tape was silence.
6. ___, such as drawings and photographs, are very popular additions to the text in children's books.
7. A 3-ring ___ is convenient for storing, adding, and removing as many sheets of paper as you like.