Story 019

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1. A good ___ does his/her homework, pays attention to the teacher, and comes to class on time. And brings the teacher an apple every day.
6. A school book is also called a ___. Many ___s are very expensive.
8. If you have a high grade point average, or ___, in high school, you can get into a good university.
9. Once you get married, all the possessions of husband and wife become ___ property. That means, in case of divorce, you split all the possessions equally.
10. The United States of ___. North ___. South ___. Central ___.
12. When the judge enters the courtroom, the sergeant at arms instructs everyone to ___, or stand, as a sign of respect.
14. If you ___ speed, power, good looks, intelligence, wit, and boxing skills, you've got Muhammad Ali.
16. Numero Uno. Domino's. Papa John's. 'When the moon hits your eye, like a big ___ pie' is part of 'That's Amore,' an old song by Dean Martin.
17. A ___ rings up the sale, gives you your receipt, or assists you while you're in the store.
19. The express bus makes few or no stops. The ___ bus stops every few blocks.
22. First, you get your high school diploma. Then, your AA from community college. Then, your BA from the university. Then, your MA. Finally, your ___, or doctorate.
23. A city ___. A community ___. A ___ professor. A university.
24. A ___ usually has more knowledge and prestige than a teacher or instructor.
25. '___ for your rights.' 'A ___ to the finish.' 'I went to a ___ and a hockey game broke out' is a joke.
26. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is now in its eleventh ___. The tenth ___ was copyrighted in 1993.


2. When you walk into your night school class, you say 'Good ___' to the teacher. When you leave class, you say 'Good night' to the teacher.
3. A ___ will make your hands and nails look attractive.
4. Celebrating Fourth of July is an American ___, something done year after year.
5. A new edition of software is usually called an ___. You can't fight new viruses on your computer if you don't ___ your anti-virus program.
7. When you go to college, you will pay have to pay for ___ and books, among other things. If you live on campus, you will have to pay for room and board.
11. If you want to be successful, you have to ___ your money and your time well.
13. If you smell gas in your apartment, do NOT ___ on or off the lights or use any electrical ___es. You could blow up your apartment and yourself (and your neighbors).
15. You get your hair done at the beauty parlor or beauty ___.
18. Just because animals ___ each other doesn't mean it's ok for man to ___ animals.
20. 99 cents is ___ a dollar. ('Nearly' is ___ the correct word.)
21. '___ is in the eye of the beholder' means that every person has his own perception of what is beautiful.