Story 020a

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1. Two ___s of lying in a hospital bed for a long time are weak muscles and bedsores.
4. In 1999 almost 15,000 US residents were ___ed. Many ___s go unsolved. If you are convicted of ___, you might get the death penalty.
5. ___ is a disease involving the pancreas and insulin. If you have ___, you should exercise, eat right, and lose weight.
8. If you have gangrene, the doctor might decide to ___ one of your limbs to prevent the spread of the gangrene. It's better to have one leg and be alive than two legs and be dead.
10. If you sign up with an employment ___, the ___ will find work for you.
11. ___ly, many criminals believe that crime does pay, because they keep committing crimes. ___, our justice system doesn't work very well.
12. Sometimes if you are driving west, the setting sun might ___ you. You have to pull down your sun visor to block the sunlight.
13. A large waterfall is a ___, but when people think of ___s they usually think of older people who require eye surgery.


2. Jesus Christ worked as a ___ before he became a preacher.
3. If you're a woman and your husband dies, you become a ___. If you're a man and your wife dies, you become a ___er.
6. Smokers often get ___ when they are older. They have to be connected to oxygen tanks to help them breathe properly.
7. Even though the ocean storm was rocking the boat, the sea captain walked ___ on deck. He never even slipped on the wet deck.
9. It is against the law to commit homicide or ___. But if you commit ___ because you have a miserable life, are they going to put your dead body in jail?