Story 020

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1. You can use a knife, a gun, a car, or even your bare hands to ___ someone you hate. Of course, you will probably go to jail for life.
5. If you smoke cigarettes, you might get ___, which is a lung condition that makes breathing difficult and even painful.
7. People with diabetes often have their feet ___d because of poor circulation. Then they need crutches or a wheelchair.
8. 'A ___ in need is a ___ indeed' means that a person who helps you when you are down and out is a true ___.
10. When you die, you hope that someone says that you were a really ___ person. You hope they don't say that you were a real jerk.
12. 'Only the good ___ young.' It's sad when someone ___s alone, with no friends or family near.
13. 'Keep your ___ on the ball.' 'You have a good ___.' '___ in the sky.'
14. The ___ couple wanted a family, so they decided to adopt a baby girl from China.
17. Many older people ___ and then become volunteer workers at hospitals and charitable organizations. In other words, they are ___d but they stay busy.
19. There are laws against committing ___, but people who kill themselves don't worry about going to jail after they've killed themselves.
21. The dishwasher, washer, and dryer are popular home ___s.
22. 'That was a ___ call.' There are a lot of ___ calls that almost result in accidents at airport runways every week.
23. People who have ___ must watch their sugar intake. This disease involves the pancreas and insulin.


2. My uncle is a ___. He has diabetes.
3. A ___ helps build a house with his hammer, saw, and nails.
4. ___ is an American tradition. Every October kids get dressed in costumes and go trick-or-treating.
6. You're single. You date. You get engaged. You get ___. You get divorced. You're single again. You date again.... Do we ever learn?
9. If your ___ is bad, you should get a vision test from an eye doctor. You probably need glasses.
11. If you are a married woman and your husband dies, you become a sad, but hopefully wealthy, ___.
14. Older people develop ___s in their eyes, but doctors can remove ___s so that good vision returns.
15. --What a nice-looking ___. --Yes, they've been married for 30 years.
16. Cancer and diabetes are common ___s. Some ___s are contagious.
18. When the electric light goes off by itself, you have to unscrew and replace the ___.
20. 'He's ___ in one eye and can't see out the other' is what angry fans say about bad baseball umpires.