Story 021

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6. Often seen in Alaska and Scandinavia, ___ lights is a fantastic light show by Mother Nature. In Australia it is called southern lights.
7. If you don't make a ___, you will go out of business. Charitable organizations are called non___s.
8. Everyone loves to keep ___s. The most common ___s are cats and dogs. People love to ___ their ___.
9. President GW Bush said, 'I'm the ___r.' Unfortunately, the decisions he makes are bad ones.
14. 'Sometimes you're ___ an idiot,' Laura said to Mike. Some pets, ___ as cats, enjoy living indoors.
15. People like to do things or go places that are ___. A store that is open 24/7 has hours that are ___ for everyone.
18. Many questionnaires ask if you are a renter or an ___. Renters pay rent; ___s pay mortgages.
19. If you have pets, you have to ___ them regularly or they will starve to death.
20. The 'forest' is another term for the '___.' If you think of golfers, you automatically think of Tiger ___.
21. When people get too much plastic surgery on their face, they don't look ___. The opposite is 'artificial.'
23. President Jimmy Carter helps out with '___ for Humanity,' a worldwide project to build homes for the poor.
24. Scrambled eggs are made ___ from eggs and ___ from milk.
26. ___s live on land and in water. They have hard shells which they hide in. They walk verrrrry slowly.
27. With every purchase, you get a free coffee mug ___ a free antenna ball. The opposite of minus is ___.


1. Most of our fruits, vegetables, and grains come from ___s. ___ers have to work very hard to grow their crops.
2. Everybody loves to visit the animals in the ___. Many large cities, such as San Diego, have ___s.
3. Artists often say that ___ helps them create their art. They say they can be inspired by the darnedest things.
4. '___' is a cute name for 'creatures.'
5. A ___ animal lives in the woods. A domestic animal lives on farms or in homes or yards. Some ___ animals have rabies.
10. 'Fat ___' and 'slim ___' mean almost no ___. Roulette is a game of ___.
11. White ___s are the symbol of peace. Sometimes people release them to fly at weddings or other celebrations.
12. The national debt is ___. Godzilla is ___. The opposite of ___ is tiny.
13. Big ___ is in control of many governments worldwide. 'The ___ of government is ___.'
16. Unused items in your closets will ___ dust over time. In fact, everything in your house will ___ dust over time.
17. 'He's not heavy, he's my ___.' A sibling is a ___ or a sister.
19. After walking around the underground parking lot for almost an hour, we ___ found our car. Next time we will write down the location of our parking space.
22. Vegetarians don't eat ___s or ___ products. They eat soy dogs instead of hot dogs made of ground-up mystery meat.
25. An ___ is a small but strong and always busy insect. People complain when ___s ruin their picnic.