Story 022

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1. When people get married, they think they have found the ___ spouse. They get divorced because their marriage turned into a ___ disaster. Nobody is ___.
4. The trumpet and saxophone are in the ___ section of the band. 'Don't ___ in' means you're not invited.
6. You can have a ___ meal, a ___ vacation, a ___ spouse. Many people would even say that plastic is ___.
7. 'I'm dying if I'm ___.' Is she ___ or is she telling the truth?
8. 'That's ___' means 'I like that' or 'I have no problem with that.' ___ is warmer than cold.
9. 'Grab the ___ by the horns' means to tackle a problem head-on. 'That's a lot of ___' means the speaker is not telling the truth.
11. 'Down in the ___' means 'sad.' A river begins at its head and ends at its ___.
12. You ___ things that exist; you invent things that do not exist. Marie Curie ___ed the element polonium.
13. The ___ is 93 million miles from Earth. ___light takes about 8 minutes to reach Earth.
14. If you lift the ___ of your car, you will see the engine. Many jackets have ___s to keep your head warm.
15. Las Vegas is famous for its ___ lights that advertise all the hotels and turn night into day.
17. The ___ of light is about 186,000 miles per second. That is unbelievable.
18. A ___ grows up to become a cow or a bull. Your ___ muscle is below your knee.
21. If you have a rude waitress, you might want to use ___ to attach a dollar tip to the table. ___ is usually good only for gluing the cap to the tube.
23. If you have 10 ___es to an event, you might have 10 different stories about that event. Cameras are often better ___es than people.
24. 'Good ___!' is a usually a negative expression, as in 'Good ___! I lost my keys.' People grieve at funerals.


1. ___ is the color of royalty, passion, and prose.
2. The ___s of Congress. 'Deck the ___s with boughs of holly' is part of a popular Christmas song.
3. 'Thou shalt not ___' is one of the Ten Commandments. 'Hey, Bungalow Bill, what did you ___?' is from a Beatles song.
5. Christmas trees are decorated with many ___s. An ___al is a pretty plant.
8. ___ hall is where a lot of business concerning the city takes place. The ___ council usually meets at ___ hall.
9. 'If it ain't ___, don't fix it' means to leave well enough alone. Boxers often get ___ noses.
10. Many people have a ___ name to go along with their first and last name. Harry S. Truman was a President with no ___ name, only an initial.
13. Tiger's ___ of 6 consecutive wins does not match golfer Byron Nelson's ___ of 11 consecutive wins. If you don't clean your windows properly, you will see ___s on them.
16. Many people eat eggs for breakfast and some of them have car accidents later that day. Does that mean that eggs ___ accidents? Of course not.
17. The ___ is in charge of the deputy sheriffs.
19. A watch with a luminous face ___s in the dark so you can tell the time. Put the steak on the grill when the coals are ___ing.
20. Everyone likes ___ milk and ___ doughnuts. No one likes sour milk or stale doughnuts. ___ bread smells as good as it tastes.
22. --What time is it? --I have no ___. If you have a great ___, you might want to patent it.