Story 026

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   22         23        


2. A teacher teaches, but a ___ doesn't 'bird'; a ___ studies birds.
4. Some inconsiderate people loudly ___ the door to their apartments when they enter and exit.
6. If you are a tenant and your phone doesn't work because of bad wiring, the ___, not the tenant, is responsible for paying the phone company to fix the wiring.
9. To see far away, you look through a telescope with one eye, but you look through ___ with both eyes.
10. A ___ has 88 keys. A grand ___. An upright ___.
12. 'The blue___ of happiness.' 'A little ___ie told me.' A sparrow is a ___.
13. 'What do you ___s want to do?' Jenna Layne asked her friends. Karen said her brother-in-law was a 'really nice ___' when he wasn't drunk.
14. During the Christmas holiday, you will hear people say, 'Jesus is the ___ for the season.' (The rhyme helps people remember the expression.)
15. If you are sick, you see a doctor. If your car is 'sick,' you visit a ___, who will charge you $70 an hour (almost as much as the doctor).
19. If you cannot ___ to someone's situation, you cannot feel their joy or sorrow.
21. Children ___ to their parents when they are very young. They often stop ___ing when they become teens.
22. Red, blue, and green are 3 common ___s. Most people can see thousands of ___s, but can name only some of them.
23. 'I can't believe I ate the ___ thing' means that you ate like a pig and now you have a stomachache. All the parts make up the ___.


1. Soybean ___. Corn ___. Peanut ___. Olive ___. Gasoline is produced from ___.
3. On Christmas night, Santa and his reindeer will land on your ___ and he will climb down your chimney.
4. Many people consider the ___ to be a woodwind instrument that produces a sexy sound.
5. When people aren't polite and ___, you sometimes feel like beating some consideration into them.
7. Some ungrateful people are 'all ___, no gratitude.' (The rhyme helps you remember it.)
8. A guitarist plays the guitar. A ___ plays the piano.
11. Children are a source of ___ to their parents, because they are so curious and so much fun.
15. One ___ is 1,000,000. If you have a ___-dollar idea, make sure you patent it.
16. ___ is a French word for a professional cook.
17. A wedding ___. A marching ___. What's the difference between a ___ and an orchestra?
18. The teacher always knows when class is about to end because many students are looking at the ___ on the wall.
20. If you can't carry a ___, nobody wants to listen to you sing. You might make the family dog howl or cover its ears.