Story 027

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 11         12          
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5. ___ is an outdoor game played on a ___ course using ___ clubs and a ___ ball. ___ers often drive a ___ cart around the course. Sometimes they get drunk and crash the ___ cart into a tree or drive it straight into a lake.
6. 'He never hit me. He never laid a ___ on me,' said the boxer after winning the fight in just one round.
7. Bowlers roll a bowling ___ at 10 pins on a lane in the bowling alley.
8. To get better FM radio reception, you should raise the ___. ('Volume' is incorrect.)
10. A big meal might ___ of appetizers, soup, salad, entree, and dessert.
11. Garbage, trash, or rubbish, usually broken and smashed.
13. Homeless people will pile all their belongings into an old ___ cart.
14. A light rain, similar to a sprinkle.
15. Have you ever had to lift and carry a case (10 reams) of paper? It can be ___-breaking work.
17. If your cell phone ___ is dying, it will usually warn you with a beeping sound.
20. U-___ is a popular company that rents trailers and trucks to people who are transporting things.
21. Before the fight, the referee will tell the boxers, 'Now I want to see a good ___ fight. No gouging, no kicking, no biting.' (Did you hear that, Mike Tyson?)
23. 'Let there be ___,' was the first thing that God said (in the Old Testament).
24. You can look at the TV ___ to see what's on TV tonight.
25. A ship's ___. A work ___. Some men get a short haircut that's called a ___ cut.


1. Some infants are breast-fed, some are ___-fed. Most doctors recommend breast-feeding.
2. Laura is thinking about giving Mike the ___. She just might kick him out of her life.
3. If you're a coward, people might say that you're ___, or that you have a ___ streak down your back.
4. 'Love and marriage go together like a horse and ___' is part of a song.
6. A modern bicycle often has at least 12 ___, which make it easier to climb hills and ride on flatland.
9. A ___ is a small branch of a river. It's a creek.
12. Trash. Rubbish. A ___ truck is driven by a 'sanitation engineer' (not a '___ truck' driver).
13. The first, last, and only time that the Chicago ___s baseball team won the World Series was in 1908.
16. You play golf, or 'play at it,' on a golf ___. Golf is a crazy game; golfers actually pay money to stand around and wait for 5 hours.
18. A lot, as in 'I've got a ___ of work to do.'
19. Before TV became popular, people at home used to listen to news, music, and entertainment on their ___s.
21. A stream. If you're 'up the ___ without a paddle,' you're in trouble.
22. Condition. If a runner is in good ___, he will have no problem running a marathon.