Story 029

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1. An apple tree ___s apples which you can buy in the ___ section of your supermarket.
4. '___' is short for 'convicts.' It is also part of the popular phrase, the 'pros and ___.'
6. The expenses of your new house will be partly ___ by the deductions you can claim on your tax form.
8. Sharks, tuna, and dolphins live in the ___.
9. Two politicians running for office might have a public ___ between each other to present their positions on various topics.
11. A jumbo jet is a ___ jet.
12. Local governments are always looking for ways to fatten their ___s so they have enough money to finance necessary programs.
14. Put your ___ in the ___ can. Then empty the ___ can into the ___ bag. When the ___ bag is full, take it out to the dumpster. Try to recycle as much ___ as you can.
15. is a popular ___ for people who want to find a good lawyer.
16. Many people go to church ___. Many employees get paid ___ or bi___ instead of daily or monthly.
17. A battery ___ electricity. A computer virus will ___ a lot of problems.
20. Fishermen use ___s as bait. Hackers like to create ___s that will attack your computer.
22. 'Dude, that was ___ awesome!' If your bank account is ___ wiped out, you don't even have one cent in the account.
23. The sunny weather is a ___ to shop owners, because shoppers stay home if it's raining.
24. 'You turned me down once, but I hope you will ___ my marriage proposal,' Mike told Laura.


1. When people talk about the ___ and cons, they mean the reasons for and against something.
2. If you take two aspirin, it will usually cure your ___.
3. Sometimes you will see a sign saying '___ No Bills,' meaning don't attach flyers to the property.
5. One man's music is another man's ___. If you live in Manhattan, you will hear a lot of ___ all day long.
7. Occasionally on the TV news you will see a criminal disobeying traffic laws by driving on the ___, where people usually walk.
10. The Army used to have a slogan, '__ All You Can __.' They followed that slogan with 'Army Strong' (whatever that means).
13. If there is no oil between a piston and a cylinder, there will be too much ___.
16. The football game will be played in a covered stadium, so it doesn't matter ___ it snows or not.
18. High schools sometimes ___ certain books because they are sexist or racist.
19. Many wives get beaten by their husbands. This is called spousal ___ (among other things).
21. 'If you say that you love me, that will be ___ to my ears,' Mike told Laura.