Story 030

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1. Sometimes firemen will describe a terrific fire as an ___, almost like Hell itself.
3. A damaged electrical cord is a fire ___ and should be replaced or thrown out.
5. If you build a tower of playing cards too high, it will ___ over.
8. The Rocky ___s are in the western US. They used to hinder pioneers headed to California.
11. Some drugs, like Elavil, will ___ your mood so that you feel relaxed instead of depressed.
15. Homeowners in fire areas must clear all the ___ on and near their land in order to be safe from fires.
16. If you are standing on top of Mt. Everest, you are at an ___ of 29,035 feet. (Now take a picture and get down before a storm comes.)
17. On a ___ night, you can see thousands of stars. On a ___ day, you can see thousands of cars on LA freeways.
20. I was driving my car, when all of a ___ a squirrel ran right out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes.
22. If a ___ lasts too long, rivers and lakes will shrink and then dry up.
23. Some ___s are famous for riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles and having wild parties.
24. To go on many rides at Disney World, children must be a ___ height. If they are too short, they'll have to wait until next year, or the next.
25. If you don't pay your rent, you ___ be permitted to remain in your apartment.


2. Cotton is highly ___, so it will catch fire very easily. Remember, if your clothes catch on fire, don't run; lie down on the ground and roll over and over.
4. There are 640 ___s in one square mile. Most homeowners in the suburbs own property that is less than a half ___. An ___ is almost half a hectare.
6. ___ trees regularly drop lots of ___ needles onto the ground. The ___ cones in ___ trees produce the seeds for new ___ trees.
7. If you say the weather is '___ cold,' you mean that it is moderately cold. For example, '___ cold' might be 60 degrees, 'cold' might be 50 degrees, and 'very cold' might be 40 degrees.
9. In some cultures, you shouldn't ask someone if they are married, because they consider that to be a ___ question.
10. Celebrate Christmas ___. That means keep your tree moist so it doesn't catch on fire and burn your house down.
12. If you put your car in reverse, you won't go ___. You'll go backward.
13. If you cut your leg with a power saw, you will suffer ___ bleeding. You will need a tourniquet and a doctor immediately.
14. If you are in the Rockies, the Andes, or the Himalayas, mountains on all sides ___ you.
18. Events that happened ___ly are events that happened in the ___ past.
19. If you get caught in a violent ___ at sea, your boat might sink. So put on your life jacket.
21. What's ___? Who's ___ in line? Gary's ___-door neighbor is a sculptor.