Story 031a

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2. ___ is a popular casino game where players try to beat the dealer, who often gets 20 or 21 and beats the players.
6. Scrooge McDuck is Donald Duck's uncle. Rich and ___, Scrooge loves to sit on his money and count it over and over.
7. The couple who kept their seven children locked up in cages were charged with child ___ after one of the kids finally broke free.
8. Don't ___ to change your car engine oil when the oil is hot. You might burn yourself.
9. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo are famous for the gambling in their popoular ___s.
10. In Los Angeles and other big cities, you can find ___ services in the phone book that provide you with more than just an ___.
16. If you stay at a ___ hotel, you will pay through the nose but you will be treated like royalty.
17. People ___ with their lives much more in a car than in an airplane. Smokers ___ with every cigaret.
18. Slow, deep breathing is a popular ___ that people use to help them relax.
19. I'm ___. I got up at dawn and worked like a dog until dusk. I'm hitting the sack.


1. If you become ___ about your spouse, it's only a matter of time before the marriage ends.
3. You will be charged with grand ___ if you steal a car. (If you get caught.)
4. If you make too many ___s (that often means 'one'), your insurance company might try to raise your premiums or just cancel your policy.
5. A fortune teller swears that he can ___ your future ('You will have less money when you leave here').
11. Don't play cards with a card ___. He'll take all your money and laugh at you behind your back.
12. Using barbless hooks, many fishermen practice catch and ___. The lucky fish get to live another day.
13. You don't become a prison ___ until you are ___ ed of a crime.
14. To ___ burglars, homeowners put extra locks on all their doors and windows. (Of course, an extra lock doesn't stop a well-thrown rock.)
15. Police will put a real ___ into a lineup with phony ___s to see if the witness recognizes the real ___.