Story 032a

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3       4          5     
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9   10    11               
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 17          18         


4. Diego Maradona was the Argentine ___ star who thanked the 'hand of God' during the 1986 World Cup.
7. The yoga devotees decided to form their own ___ so they could live together on their own yoga 'ranch.'
9. A baseball catcher wears a ___ cup to safeguard his groin.
13. If you're going out drinking with some friends, you should ___ a sober driver who will drive everyone home safely. (As long as your car doesn't get slammed into by a drunk driver on your way home.)
16. Some people get drunk, hop on their ___s, and accidentally run over swimmers.
17. Before giving you a shot, a nurse will wipe your arm with an ___ pad to help disinfect it.
21. ___ is a popular team sport for high school and college girls. Good female ___ pitchers strike out many batters.
22. If you live near any ___, you need to prepare for possible flooding. Rivers, lakes, and oceans can 'overflow' at any time.


1. Skydivers ___ for a while before they open their chute. If they don't open their chute soon enough, they come to a sudden stop. Then they ascend into heaven.
2. Children shouldn't have ___ to the medicine cabinet or to any dangerous household items.
3. Most public lakes have a boat ___ for people to back their boat into the water and pull it out later.
4. People love to ___ on peanuts, potato chips, fresh fruit, and cheese and crackers (among other things).
5. ___ are huge rocks that roll down mountain sides and block highways. ___ rhymes with the very top part of your arms.
6. Some people say a ___ bull is not a dangerous dog. But ___ bulls occasionally attack children and adults.
8. The refugees running from the war were so thirsty that they licked the ___ to get some moisture out of it. (This is a true incident.)
10. Expensive restaurants often require that you make a ___ for a meal. If you don't, you might sit at the bar for a long time waiting for a table.
11. The Oregon ___ was about 2,000 miles long and took about 7 months to travel upon in the 1840s.
12. The Grand ___ is up to a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide. The Colorado River runs through it. The ___ has a new glass overhang that allows you to look straight down (but try not to get dizzy).
14. Women love ___ necklaces and earrings. ___s come from certain oysters and clams.
15. People like to have ___s in the park at a table with a barbecue pit. They don't like to have ants at their ___, but the ants come anyway.
18. Fishermen keep their hooks, flies, spare line, knives, and mosquito repellent in their ___ box.
19. When roads are icy, you might see cars ___ off the road into a ditch or into another car. It's fun to watch, as long as it isn't your car.
20. Trout and ___ are tasty fish and fun to catch. ___ rhymes with pass, as in pass the lemon to squeeze on the fish.