Story 033a

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2. Snakes and spiders ___ many people, with no good reason. Little girls, especially, will scream when they see one.
6. A nation's military must be in a state of constant ___ to defend the nation against invaders.
7. You ___ before you walk. You stand before you walk. You walk before you run.
8. --Is anything wrong? --__No, nothing in ___.
9. The ___ looks like the front crawl, but it's a swimming stroke that you do on your back.
10. When your boss ___s you work to do, you'd better do it. (Or you'll get fired.)
11. When you finish a CPR course (or just about any other course), you will usually get a ___ of completion.
12. It's easier to learn something if someone ___s it to you rather than just tells you about it.


1. Older people get heart attacks. They also get 'brain attacks,' or ___. ___ can cause loss of speech, paralysis, and death.
3. The race from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, 135 miles long, is an ultramarathon. It isn't a sprint; it's a race of ___.
4. Santa Ana winds in southern California ___ the danger of uncontrollable fires.
5. If your boss gives you a poor performance ___, you won't get a raise.
9. Lance Armstrong won 7 consecutive Tour de France victories (1999-2005) on his ___.