Story 034a

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2. Many grandmas have ___, a disease that results in brittle bones. Little girls need to drink lots of milk their whole life.
5. If you can make ___ out of lemons, you've got a good attitude.
7. What do kids love more than chocolate chip ___s and a big glass of milk?
9. Even though every customer is on camera, it's sometimes difficult to positively ___ bank robbers.
10. If you lift a heavy object improperly, it may result in a back ___.
11. There are two types of ___--Type 1 and Type 2. You can beat ___ by exercising and dieting.
14. Don't ever leave your ___ computer sitting in your car where people can see it. Not even for 'just' 5 minutes.
16. If an older person has a '___ moment,' it means that he forgot what he was going to say.
17. If you buy generic or house brand products, you always get a ___ price.
18. Older people develop ___s in their eyes, but doctors can replace ___ with new lenses so the person can see clearly again.
19. Think globally, but act ___. In other words, if everyone cleaned up their own yard, the Earth would be clean.


1. Sierra Madre, like some other small cities, has a ___ fire department. The firemen work for free!
3. Dams help ___ flooding, and safety goggles help ___ eye injury.
4. Some golfers collapse under ___. But Tiger loves ___!
6. I hope they find a cure for ___ disease before I get old and forget who I am.
8. The American Red Cross is a popular, nonprofit ___. They need your blood!
11. Priests and nuns ___ their lives to God.
12. Your arm ___ will increase if you work out regularly. A weight-lifter has great upper body ___.
13. For a ___ fee ($1), the teachers were allowed to drink all the coffee or bottled water they wanted.
15. It's ___ in most states to make a right turn on red.