Story 035a

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1. A ___ hooks up all the pipes to all the sinks and toilets in a new house.
5. The US population reached 300 ___ people in 2006.
8. If you're out of work, an employment ___ will help you find a job.
9. A ___ uses a hammer, nails, and wood to build the frame of a house.
10. ___ problems (like traffic, noise, and congestion) are different from rural problems (like the odor of cow dung).
13. An ___ connects all the electrical circuits and wires in your new house. If he makes a mistake, you might get electrocuted.
14. Some companies honor their ___ of the Month with a luncheon and a plaque.
15. Condoleezza Rice was the ___ of State under George W. Bush. She traveled all over the world without a husband or boyfriend.


2. A ___ takes bricks out of a wheelbarrow and builds a wall or a house.
3. Every Christmas eve, Santa Claus ___s nice gifts (buts sometimes lumps of coal) to eager children all over the world.
4. The divorced couple got remarried. They decided to try all over again with a clean ___.
6. A good ___, or gardener, will keep your yard looking pretty and healthy.
7. Many corporations have their ___ in New York City, but Wal-Mart's ___ is in Bentonville, Arkansas.
11. It's better to give than to ___. (Selfish people would disagree.)
12. Every year, the movie industry ___s itself Oscars for Best Movie, Best Actor, etc. The winners gloat, and the losers cry.