Story 036a

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2. If you don't ___ a camp fire completely, it could come to life again.
3. If you have a health problem, see a doctor. ___, if you have a legal problem, see a lawyer.
5. Arsonists ___ set fires because they like to watch things burn.
7. Usually just a ___ of salt and pepper adds flavor to bland food.
12. The shortest ___ between two points is a straight line.
14. You can make little kids happy if you just give them a spoon that they can ___ on a pot.
15. The driver of the car wasn't wearing a seat belt, but the other ___s of the car were.
16. The ___ was upset because the landlord had raised his rent again.
17. Watch the pounds (of fat) ___ if you eat only 1,000 calories a day (instead of the usual 2,000).
18. The whole house ___ed down because grandpa fell asleep on the sofa while smoking a cigarette.
19. When prisoners ___, the police go looking for them. Sometimes the police will use dogs to track down the prisoners.


1. The burning cigarette ___red the surface of the beautiful maple night table.
3. If you see stains on your ceiling, water is ___ing through your roof when it rains.
4. Don't put your hand into a tank full of live lobsters, or one might pinch you with its ___.
6. Sometimes you might hear a strange noise in your basement or ___. (What could it be?)
8. The stable was ___, and the horses were trying to escape through the heat and smoke.
9. Most people would be ___ed if they felt a snake in their sleeping bag as they were getting into the bag.
10. You can stop at an Exxon or Arco station if your car is low on ___.
11. In hotels you will see many rooms with a sign on the doorknob saying Do Not ___.
13. The killer ___d the woman's life after she begged him for mercy.