Story 037a

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2. People like to pour maple ___ on their pancakes. Some people then sprinkle sugar on top of the ___.
6. The cute ___ rang up the sale and gave Bob his change and receipt. (She refused to give him her phone number.)
7. On ___, Bob likes to listen to talk radio. But then he gets so upset that he switches back to the oldies station.
10. Sometimes the last of the ketchup won't ___ out of the bottle, so you have to pound on the bottom of the bottle.
11. John's Cadillac sometimes gets 12 miles per ___, which makes him very happy. (Twelve is much better than ten.)
12. If you like listening to Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, you probably like the ___.
14. Prisoners often get their sentence reduced for 'good ___.' If they had behaved well in the first place, they wouldn't be in prison.
16. If a man doesn't shave for a while, he will grow a ___. If he doesn't shave just his upper lip, he will grow a moustache.
19. The name for ___6 comes from the fact that in the beginning you could spend the night in the ___ for only $6. (Those were the days!)
20. Water and copper ___ electricity very well. (Don't stand in a puddle holding a copper rod up in the air during a thunderstorm.)
22. Food and beverage ___s come in all shapes and sizes, but most are made out of paper or plastic.


1. Your ___ bill will be smaller if you clip and use the food coupons out of the newspaper.
2. Both sunrise and ___ are equally pretty. People love to look at the pretty colors on the horizon.
3. Neapolitan ice cream consists of vanilla, ___, and strawberry flavors.
4. If you're going bald, your hair will clog the ___ every time you take a shower.
5. A ___, or guest, is someone staying at a motel or hotel.
8. The shower drain will eventually ___ if lots of your hair falls out as you shampoo it. (Blame your daddy.)
9. If you get drunk and ___, the cops will arrest you. If you behave, they'll ignore you.
13. Kids enjoy taking a bath in the ___ with lots of bubbles and floating toys, like rubber ducks.
14. 'Business is ___ing' means that business is really good.
15. The cops will ___ you if they catch you committing a crime.
17. --I love you, sugar. --I love you too, ___.
18. 'Stay ___d' means don't change the radio dial or the TV channel.
21. Oil and water, like cats and dogs, don't ___.