Story 038a

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3. After you open the package of a new product, you should always read the ___s first.
6. A ___ of a donated kidney is forever grateful to the donor.
7. As a citizen, it's your ___ duty to vote and serve on a jury.
8. Significant events, like graduation ceremonies, often occur in high school ___s.
10. ___s are on your windows to keep out flies, gnats, and mosquitos.
12. Bob's car wouldn't start, so his coworker gave him a ___ home.
13. Just before the beginning of every semester is ___ time for new or continuing students.
14. Hiking can be a ___ activity, especially if you're hiking up a mountain trail.
15. US Army and Marine ___s visit high schools and colleges to get students to join the military.
16. 'America--love it or ___ it' was a popular bumper sticker in the 1960s.


1. Every time you visited grandma when you were a kid, she gave you a big ___.
2. If you have a stroke, you need to get ___ help immediately.
4. Doctors have very busy ___s. When they're not seeing patients, they're in surgery.
5. The ___ of the hospital decided to hire additional doctors and nurses.
9. When you give blood, all they take is one ___.
11. If you're in an auto accident and fly through the windshield, the doctor will wrap your head in ___s. (If you're still alive, of course.)