Story 039a

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1. Some people have excellent hearing and notice even the ___est sound or noise.
5. The ___ of Hollywood includes many stories of rags to riches (and for a few actors, back to rags again).
6. Oriental ___s, often as large as 200 square feet, are known for their beauty and durability. They are usually placed on hardwood floors.
8. The Earth's ___ seems to be getting higher bit by bit. In time, we may have no more ice at the North and South Poles.
10. Sometimes a ___ in the design of a structure, like a bridge or a building, will cause it to collapse.
11. Rude people ___ almost everyone. Sometimes your only defense is to ignore them.
15. If you ___ someone, they will keep trying to succeed at something that might be difficult for them.
17. If you play a musical ___, you can join a band or an orchestra.
20. If you go to an arts and crafts store, you'll find lots of ___ made from clay.
23. A spider ___s a strong silk web that captures unsuspecting insects.
24. On a hot, sunny day at the park, many people try to find a cool, ___ place under a tree.
25. Bob found his flip-flops ___ the pile of clothes in the bedroom.
26. God ___d light, animals, and man (among other things).


1. People like to take a leisurely ___ through the park to enjoy Mother Nature.
2. We humans are ___s for many bacteria that live on us and in us.
3. A ___ is a fruit that has a hard outer shell, like a pumpkin.
4. Everyone likes to go to the county or state ___ to enjoy the rides, the food, and various events, like the cow-milking contest.
7. The cost of ___ing a commercial during the Super Bowl goes up every year.
9. An annual trade convention is full of companies ___ing their products or services.
12. Half a million fans who ___ Elvis come to Graceland in Memphis every year.
13. From an ordinary piece of wood or rock, an artist can create a beautiful ___.
14. A ___ instructor will teach you how to make bowls and plates out of clay.
16. The ___ of the jungle is so thick in places that very little sunlight hits the ground.
18. Women (and men, too) like to wear gold ___ on their fingers, wrists, and necks.
19. Black widows and brown recluses are the two most common poisonous ___ in the US.
21. The Apache and Navajo ___s, among others, were almost wiped out by the arrival of the white man.
22. The ___s of 9/11 have resulted in many changes (both good and bad) throughout the US and the world.