Story 040a

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1. Our leaders ___ their brains trying to find solutions to society's problems, like unemployment and crime.
4. The population of pink flamingos in Africa has ___d greatly because of polluted and shrinking lakes.
6. If you jump in front of a train to rescue someone on the tracks, you ___ praise and recognition. (A reward would be nice too.)
8. The amount of ice in Antarctica will ___ if global warming continues.
9. At a restaurant, they will serve you ___s of butter to spread on your rolls.
10. A ___ is a sneaky thief who will steal your wallet when he 'accidentally' bumps into you.
14. Some people who smoke have ___ no will power, so they won't ever be able to quit smoking.
17. The ___ year for the federal government begins October 1 and ends September 30.
19. The Maya ___ had its own written language long before Christopher Columbus discovered America.
20. ___ criminals actually enjoy hurting their victims by beating, kicking, stabbing, and shooting them. When convicted and imprisoned, these ___ criminals get free food, lodging, and medical care.


2. Maybe we could ___ the amount of violent crime in the US if the criminal receives the same treatment that he gave to the victim.
3. Partly because of computers and the Internet, identity ___ is a huge problem today all over the world.
5. If you ___ adultery, your spouse will be upset with you (to put it mildly).
7. ___ is a violent crime that men commit against women all over the world.
11. The world population is now about 6.5 billion (and still growing).
12. The police will ___ you if you stop your car in a crosswalk.
13. Your car headlights have two ___s: high ___ and low ___.
15. Your cell phone and your flashlight are absolutely useless without a ___.
16. If an entire structure is on fire, they say that it's 'fully ___d.'
18. If a ___ steals your wallet, he will use your credit cards to go shopping.