Story 041a

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2. Vultures will ___ around in the sky above dying or dead animals (above dying humans too!).
6. The shy man ___ asked the beautiful woman if she would like to have dinner with him. (She said yes!)
7. To cool off on a hot day, drink a glass of cold lemonade while you sit under the ___ of a big old oak tree.
8. People in Cambodia and Angola are still losing their legs (and lives) when they step on a land mine and cause it to ___.
14. In WWII, almost all soldiers were armed with hand ___s to throw at groups of enemy soldiers or at machine gunners.
15. Almost every day on the local TV news in Los Angeles you will see news about a bank ___ or restaurant ___, Usually, no one gets shot or killed.


1. Some criminals are so clever that they can escape even after the police have secured their hands behind their backs with locked, 'escape-proof' ___s.
3. You'll smile, ___, or laugh at a joke, depending on how funny you think it is.
4. If you get a ___ache from milk, it's probably because of the lactose (sugar). You need to buy lactose-free milk to prevent bloating and gas.
5. You don't have to see the speeding fire engine in your rear view mirror, because you will easily hear its ___.
7. Police usually ___ off a crime scene area with bright yellow ribbon to prevent looky-loos and other amateurs from altering evidence.
8. If you don't let the doctor ___ you, how can he diagnose your problem?
9. The bank ___ is the person you (and the bank robber) talk to during a visit to the bank.
10. In the army, two to four ___s make up a platoon; three to four platoons make up a company.
11. To increase passenger safety, researchers place a crash test ___ (or two) into a car to see how well the ___ survives a collision.
12. Just one powerful ___ist in Washington, DC can have more influence over Congress than a million ordinary US citizens. (So much for 'democracy'!)
13. In public, some women wear jewelry with ___ diamonds; the real diamonds stay in the safe deposit box.