Story 042a

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3. Coin collectors are always searching their change for the ___ coin that might be worth a small fortune.
8. Making a crossword puzzle (even a simple one like this!) is a time-consuming ___.
9. In tourist spots worldwide, you will find street ___s selling souvenirs.
10. A dog will patiently wait hours on ___ for its master to return home. Then it is so happy!
11. An application form will usually ask you about your marital ___--are you single, married, or divorced?
12. People who are ___ for power will get into management or politics (or simply get married!).


1. ___ into Europe from Africa occurs because of the poverty in much of Africa.
2. If you play the Lotto every week, you will ___ win a dollar or two. (Enough to buy another ticket!)
4. If your ___ with the doctor is at noon, count on seeing him at about 1:00.
5. Try to buy energy-___ appliances so you will have a smaller energy bill and create a little less global warming.
6. By New Year's day, kids have lost or destroyed half of the gifts they ___d on Christmas day.
7. ___s come to America because it is the land of opportunity (and for other reasons).