Story 043a

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1. ___s, or separators, are often made of aluminum or nylon. They're like washers.
3. A 'trailer' is a ___ of a movie; it shows you all the interesting parts so you will pay your money to see all the boring parts.
5. If you have one big hole among the many little holes in your ___ door, flies and mosquitos will be happy to move in with you.
7. The man was ___ when the beautiful woman said she would love to go out with him.
9. He couldn't force the window to budge, even though he pulled up on it with all his ___.
11. If a door isn't installed correctly, it won't swing freely in the door ___.
12. A ___ provides extra security for your front door. (Of course, it won't stop a criminal from coming through your window.)
16. Even though laptops are portable, none of them have a ___ to make them easy to carry. (Why is that?)
18. --Give me a ___ if you want to get together this weekend. --OK. Just remember to leave your cell phone on!
20. Please don't ___ me. I have to study for a big test tomorrow.
21. ___ are popular footwear for the beach and for warm climates.


2. If your clock isn't telling the right time, you have to ___ it.
4. No matter how hard and long you try to stay awake, you will ___ get sleepy.
6. Slot machines in Las Vegas used to have ___s that you pulled. Now a lot of them have buttons that you push. (Either way, you lose.)
8. A chihuahua is a ___ dog with a big mouth (for frequent barking).
10. Many front doors have a little ___ in them so you can look outside to see if the pizza has arrived.
11. Use a ___ screwdriver on screws that have a single slot in their head.
13. A dog is always ___ to please its owner. (A cat could care less.)
14. After you download a software program, you usually have to ___ it to make it work.
15. If you over___ a screw or bolt, you might strip it (and make it useless).
17. ESL students start at ___1, progress through ___ 5, then go on to college and become ESL instructors!
19. Nancy ___ned when the handsome man said she didn't look a day over 40. (Even if he was lying, it was nice to hear.)