Story 044a

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2. To save energy, you should always ___ off the lights before you leave home.
6. If the ___ conditioner in your car doesn't work, you have to drive with the windows down.
8. ___s store electricity; they are found in almost all electrical systems.
9. Everyone likes to eat out at a restaurant at least ___ in a while.
12. Americans ___ have something sweet for dessert; Europeans ___ have fruit for dessert.
15. If you want to know the temperature, take a look at your ___.
16. A British painter was so talented that he made a fortune copying ___ masterpieces and then selling them as the ___s. (He finally got caught.)
17. E-Bay is an online ___ shop that the whole world enjoys shopping in.
18. Don't EVER tell anyone that you were sorry to hear that their grandmother ___ed the bucket.


1. A father doesn't always ___ of the man who will become his son-in-law. (Sometimes it takes a while.)
3. Some people like to smoke a cigarette once in a ___, yet they never get hooked!
4. '___ the bucket' is a humorous (or rude) expression meaning that someone/something has died (passed away, passed on, passed).
5. Even the calmest boss will ___ up if you make a mistake that costs the company a lot of money.
7. A desert is a place where you will ___ see rain.
10. Just as people say US for United States, they also say AC for air ___.
11. To conserve energy, many people set their ___ at 74 degrees in the summer and 70 in the winter.
13. 'Who Killed the ___ Car?' is a 2006 documentary about the life and death of ___ cars, particularly the EV1 built by General Motors.
14. An electric ___ is the path that an electric current travels in.