Story 046a

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1. Ambulances, fire engines, and police cars all have ___s to warn you they are coming. (Pull over!)
3. Be careful when you eat cherries and peaches that you don't crack your tooth on a ___.
4. 'Please ___ me, let me go, for I don't love you anymore' is the first line of an Elvis Presley song.
7. ___s that police use to secure prisoners' hands aren't always made of steel. Some ___s are made of strong plastic.
9. If you're taking photos indoors, make sure you have fresh batteries for your ___. (And don't forget to 'Say cheese!')
10. Civil ___. Criminal ___. Supreme ___. Tennis ___. 'I'll see you in ___.'
11. A drunk driver can cause an accident that kills four other people instantly, yet the drunk walks away completely ___--not even a scratch on him!
15. If you point a gun at someone, you should be ready to pull the ___. (And be ready to duck, in case he has a gun too.)
16. Many times a civil lawsuit is ___d out of court because the defendant is afraid the jury will award the plaintiff millions of dollars.
17. The ___ that covers most apartment and house ceilings looks a little bit like cottage cheese.


1. A ___ man using a shoulder rocket in a movie scene received severe burns when it blew up in his face. ___ men perform dangerous ___s.
2. If the roof leaks, you will probably see water stains on the ___. If the roof leaks a lot, you will probably see holes in the ___.
4. '___' is another word for garbage, trash, or rubbish. (But the expression is, 'One man's TRASH is another man's treasure.')
5. If a hurricane or earthquake hits your neighborhood, there's a chance that some or all of your windows will ___.
6. When SWAT teams surround a building, the officer in charge uses a ___ to order the criminal to come out of the building with his hands up.
8. A kitchen should have clean floors and ___s. A dirty ___ has bread crumbs, other food particles, and coffee and juice stains on it.
12. At a funeral, you might hear relatives ___ing so loudly that you can't hear the preacher talking.
13. If the boss ___s at you too often, you might get stressed out and even decide to quit.
14. You'll hear a lot of thunder and see flashes of lightning during a thunder___. (Turn off the TV and stay off the phone!)