Story 047a

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2. You have to use a ___ camera if you want to upload your photos to the Web. (Have you visited YouTube?)
5. All over the world, artists have painted beautiful ___ on city walls. Sometimes these ___s are ruined by graffiti.
7. Follow your company's rules and regulations; ___, you might be suspended for a week without pay, or even fired.
10. When the man was about to be hanged, he had one final request: 'Could you ___ the rope? It's so tight I can barely breathe.'
12. Every country has a national ___ where they store historical documents. Many of these documents are unique and priceless.
15. '___ Island' is a novel (1883) written by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is, of course, about a search for buried ___.
16. When you play chess or checkers, your opponent will try to set a ___ for you. (So be careful!)
19. Anteaters use their huge claws to ___ ants out of the ground, where the ants think they are safe.
20. For emergencies, you might want to own a wind-up combination radio-___ that tells you the news and lights your way in the dark.
21. A paper clip is a popular device we use to ___ two or more pieces of paper together. (The simple inventions are often the best inventions.)
22. 'Thus with a kiss I die' are Romeo's last words in Act 5, ___ 3. (Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet')


1. When the national anthem plays, soldiers ___ salute the flag. Rude people talk and eat during the anthem.
3. How can you solve a problem if you aren't even ___ that the problem exists?
4. At least 150,000 ancient items of value and beauty were stolen from the Baghdad ___ in April 2003.
5. AIDS was a ___ disease in the beginning. Researchers spent several years trying to figure out its cause.
6. The ___ for hanging the condemned man was too long. When his body dropped, the extra distance caused his head to be severed.
8. If you've just moved into a new home, carefully ___ all your boxes to make sure the movers didn't break or 'lose' anything.
9. If you catch on fire, drop to the ground and ___ over and over. Don't run (you can't run away from yourself!).
11. In the old days, you walked into a phone booth (what's that?), dropped a ___ into the coin slot, and made your phone call.
13. Researchers ___ bacteria and viruses with powerful microscopes. These bugs love people (and doorknobs too).
14. If someone lives ___ you, you should not stomp around in your apartment in your high heels. (Especially if you're a guy.)
17. Ask 'Who wears the ___ in this family?' when you want to know if the husband or the wife makes the final decisions.
18. Teachers and others often use PowerPoint to present a ___ show. Of course, young students would prefer a cartoon or an action movie.