Story 049a

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5. The ___ of Iraq in 2003 might have been the biggest mistake GW Bush ever made.
6. '___!' is a popular word, like 'Darn!', to express dismay or disappointment. If you spill a fresh cup of coffee, you might say ___!
7. Most Army helicopter pilots at Ft. Rucker, AL have the rank of CWO (___ warrant officer).
9. Some people think that, if you file a ___ and then lose it, you should pay the all the defendant's legal fees.
10. Men think that women make no ___. Women like a man with a good ___ of humor.
13. After you purchase a new washer and dryer, someone has to deliver it and ___ it.
14. If you (and your government) don't practice ___ responsibility, you (and your government) will be deeply in debt.
16. 'Candid ___' was a popular TV show that showed people doing silly things while filmed by hidden ___s.
17. The problem with being famous is that you lose your ___. You have to wear disguises when you go out in public.
19. If your fiance turns down your first ___, figure out why and then ask her again. (Make sure you're on your knees!)


1. Rhinoplasty is the fancy word for a ___ job. Many women get ___ jobs because they fancy a smaller ___.
2. If something doesn't ___ sense to you, either it isn't logical or you need to study it a few more times.
3. Police often have to remove homeless people from ___ed buildings because the buildings are unsafe. But they always return.
4. '___!', like 'Baloney!', is a popular word used to describe something that a politician says.
7. The local city ___ has decided to ignore the will of the people. It has approved development projects that no one wants--except the developers.
8. Something that is a ___ blessing has some good and bad in it. Some fathers might consider a new baby in the family to be a ___ blessing. ($$$!)
11. Don't ___ your nose in other people's business. Nobody likes nosy people.
12. Most people believe that telling a little white lie does not make them a ___. It's OK to say dinner was delicious, even if it wasn't.
15. '___ as a skunk' describes someone who has drunk too much alcohol. They usually smell worse than a skunk too.
18. In Los Angeles, criminals shoot at ___s almost every day. There is a huge outcry and funeral when a ___ is killed, but that's about it.