Story 050a

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1. ___ is a country where cows walk up and down the streets. ___ also has a movie industry called 'Bollywood' that produces more movies than Hollywood.
6. If you don't get enough sleep or if you have an allergy, your eyes might be red and ___.
8. A man ___d a fast food restaurant because the coffee was too hot. He won the lawsuit; the jury awarded him a dollar.
9. Hollywood is full of talent ___s who want to discover the next superstar. (And get their finder's fee.)
10. After Doctors, the second biggest section of the yellow pages is ___s. But ___s would argue that their section is the most important.
12. In home ___ class, students learn how to prepare meals, and other homemaker skills.
14. In high school, if you misbehave, you might be sent to the assistant ___'s office.
17. "You are the ___ woman for me,' Mike told Laura. That's why he wanted to marry her.
18. If you win the Lotto, you'll have ___ independence. (You can finally quit your job!)
19. Many people like to relax on the ___ by going to a restaurant and a movie.
20. Are you ___, gay, or bi (bisexual)? No one knows whether nature or nurture determines your sexual choice.


2. You shouldn't call someone stupid, because that is ___ of character (well, it usually is). It's also impolite.
3. Even though prices are stiff, ___ at Rolling Stones concerts remains high. The concerts are always sold out.
4. 'You're preaching to the ___' means that your listener already agrees with the main points of your argument.
5. Everyone knows that they shouldn't ___ against others because of age, sex, race, or religion--yet people keep doing it!
7. I didn't get the April ___ of PC World, so I called the post office to see if they knew where it was.
11. If you go to a ___house in a big city, you'll see judges, lawyers, jurors, and police everywhere.
13. Women who go to events in stadiums always have the same ___: there aren't enough toilets!
15. The ___d killer was caught when his car ran out of gas. The police think that he is the person who put six bullets into his neighbor's dog.
16. If you break your girlfriend's ___, she will never forgive you.