Story 051a

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 4          5         
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   12          13       
  14       15           
   17        18         


1. You need to buy ___ for your vehicle, your home, and your life.
4. They say that if you ___ a bird and it comes back to you, it's yours forever.
5. If your wife runs off with another man and then invites you to their wedding, she is adding insult to ___.
7. Sheriffs ___ the streets and neighborhoods looking for signs of trouble.
8. The older you get, the more you need other people to ___ you. (You're not the man you used to be.)
9. The TV news said that the cop who was shot is in critical ___. Pray for his recovery.
12. ___s run all around and through Los Angeles, but they aren't free (or fast). Your taxes pay for them.
13. A 100-year-event ___s only once every 100 years (well, it used to).
14. You need a ___ for driving, hunting, fishing, and marriage.
17. ___s are like natural fences around yards. To look attractive, they need to be trimmed regularly.
18. Jesus was born 2,000 years ago in an innkeeper's ___ in Bethlehem.
19. If you drive, sooner or later you're going to have an ___. (So make sure you have insurance.)


2. Your car will ___ when you run out of gas. (Never let the needle get below 1/4 full.)
3. A ___ is someone who is in prison. "Con" is short for ___.
6. Be polite to the ___ when he pulls you over and asks to see your license. (He'll still give you a ticket.)
7. Landowners put up No Trespassing signs so that strangers stay off their ___.
10. You will ___ someone's reputation if you tell lies about him. (He might ___ your nose if he finds you.)
11. Beer, whiskey, vodka, and even true love ___ people.
15. Bob asked his girlfriend not to make a ___ in the restaurant when he told her that he had a new girlfriend. (She threw her drink in his face.)
16. Victims ___ from criminals. Criminals ___ from cops. Cops ___ from reporters.