Story 053a

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1. Insurance company ___s try to determine the cause of a suspicious fire or an insured person's mysterious death.
3. A criminal might be under police ___ if they suspect he is up to something.
5. Parents want their young children to be on their best ___ when company comes.
6. US laws seem to protect the criminal more than they protect the ___.
8. Madison ___ in Manhattan is famous for its advertising and commercials.
13. There are 20 ___s in a pack, 10 packs in a carton. Each ___ you smoke puts you closer to your grave.
16. A school teacher has ___ in a classroom. Students must do what she says.
17. '___ men tell no tales.' Criminals kill witnesses so they won't talk to the police.
18. The war hero died in a ___ of glory, taking eight enemy soldiers with him.
19. If there is a ___ of bombing attacks, we can safely take the injured to the hospital.


2. In prison, if the officials think a man will kill himself, they will put him on ___ watch.
3. When a loved one dies, you might ___. If not, you might at least get a tear in your eye.
4. Instead of going to the hospital, many people go to a health ___.
7. Use your driver's license or passport to ___ yourself.
9. Many husbands stare ___ while their wives yak on about something unimportant.
10. If your driving is ___, a policeman might suspect that you are drunk.
11. A good ___ is a good provider, a good father, and a good lover. (Well, hopefully.)
12. If your ___ wants a divorce, you should ask him or her why. (Be prepared for a lie.)
14. Before you get your kitchen remodeled, get some ___s from different contractors so you know how much it'll cost. (Then double the ___s for the REAL cost!)
15. Don't get married if you're not ready to make a lifelong ___ment to your spouse.