Story 054a

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          18      19    


5. LAX is the popular abbreviation for the Los Angeles ___ where foreign passengers arrive.
6. ___ and friends are the two most important things to most people.
7. When there's a plane crash, the Federal Aviation Agency ___s the cause.
11. Even though a plane is a complete ___, investigators can often find the cause of its crash.
12. The fuselage is the main '___' of a plane. It's similar to the torso of your own ___.
13. Your ___ are your family. Police notify 'next of ___' in the event of someone's death or injury.
14. To avoid an explosion, a pilot will try to dump most of a plane's ___ before he makes an emergency landing.
15. When police find large amounts of marijuana, they ___ it by burning it.
16. You'd better ___ your head if someone hollers '___!'
18. Occasionally, two small planes will ___ into each other. That's called a mid-air collision.
20. If the music in your earphones is too ___, you might damage your hearing.
21. Passengers sometimes have to ___ from a plane by sliding down the emergency chutes.


1. The last big ___ to violently shake Los Angeles occurred in Northridge in January 1994.
2. It takes a ___ woman to leave her native country with her young son to start a new life in America.
3. If you keep your library book too long, the library will ___ you by phone or by mail.
4. Small planes are either twin-engine or ___-engine.
8. An ___ vehicle has flashing lights and a siren. Pull over and wait for it to pass you by.
9. Actors in popular Broadway plays often hear ___ applause when the play ends.
10. You can improve your community if you ___ your time, money, and effort.
17. A driver drives a car, a rider rides a motorcycle, and a ___ ___s a plane.
19. Some people see a glass as ___ full, some see it as ___ empty. Some have good attitudes, some have bad ones.