Story 057a

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 20         21          


2. The woman ___bed loudly for almost 10 minutes when she heard the sad news about her son.
5. To catch a taxi, he walked out into the street and waved his___.
6. A ___ is called a ___ because customers ___ around drinking alcohol and chatting with each other. Sometimes there's live piano or jazz in the ___.
7. In some private clubs, men pay for ___ dances from pretty young women wearing little clothing.
9. The criminal escaped from the ___ of the police. The police didn't even know it until a day later, when he was caught robbing a jewelry store.
11. Why hasn't someone invented an exploding ___ for women? Then, when some criminal steals their handbag, it will blow up in his face.
14. Flowers and trees grow out of the ___. In the park, lazy people throw their trash on the ___.
16. Use an ice ___ to chop up blocks of ice. Use a tooth___ to dig food out of your teeth.
17. An ambulance usually contains at least one EMT (___ Medical Technician).
19. ___ is the most serious form of homicide and always includes the intent to kill.
20. She asked her husband not to make a ___ when the waiter brought the wrong order to their table.
21. The identical twins looked so much alike that even their mother had a hard time ___ing which one was which.
22. A ___ is a friend to many people who are regulars at bars. He knows which beverages they like, and he is a good listener.


1. You can build a house of cards only so high before it ___s onto the table.
3. You can tell she isn't a natural ___ because you can see the dark roots growing out of her head.
4. The veteran alpinist ___ 3 novice climbing groups to the top of that mountain last year.
5. If you want to travel quickly on LA's freeways, you should ___ rush hour. (Rush 'hour' is 8 hours of each weekday!)
8. About 40,000 people are ___ injured in auto accidents in the US each year. Why don't the public and the government get upset about all these deaths?
9. In some countries, like Sweden and Norway, you get free health care from ___ to grave.
10. The old man said he felt a sharp ___bing pain in his chest just before he had a heart attack.
12. They say that a ___ of the pen is mightier than a slash of the sword.
13. Drivers in LA have to drive carefully to avoid all the potholes in the ___.
15. 'Girls Gone ___' is a popular VHS/DVD series that shows young women who are topless.
18. 'Don't go ___.' '___ you go.' '___ but for the grace of God go I.' '___ are 2 sides to every story.'
21. Murderers sometimes use an ___ pick to stab their victims to death.