Story 058a

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1. A passenger ship might have a ___ of 1,000 people to serve the passengers and maintain the ship.
4. When Tiger Woods wins a close tournament, he ___s his fist in excitement.
5. The US ___ Guard protects the nation's shores from drug smugglers.
12. In Iraq, many ___s are caused by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).
13. The ___ Ocean borders the entire west coast of the US.
15. In LA, some mothers ___ their newborn babies by leaving them at a local fire station.
17. A ___ jacket will save you from drowning, but it won't save you from sharks.
20. Albacore and bluefin ___ are large and popular fish. Many restaurants serve ___ sandwiches.
22. An ___ likes to take his fishing rod to a stream, river, lake, or ocean and see what he can catch.
25. If you get a bite on the end of your line, try to reel the fish in ___. Don't jerk the line or you might break it or lose the fish.
26. The license plate on an old beat-up car might have a frame that says, 'My ___ car is a Mercedes.' (That's usually a joke.)
27. If you hear, 'All a___ that's going a___,' you'd better get off the boat if you're just visiting someone.
28. First, you ___ some clothing. Later on, you remove that clothing.


1. The ___ of the ship is the boss. He tells the crew what to do.
2. The woman thanked ___ and every one of her friends for the wonderful birthday party they gave her.
3. During WWII, sometimes a torpedo went into the ___ of a ship, but the ship didn't sink because the torpedo didn't explode.
6. If a ship sinks, passengers who ___ the sinking might not ___ the cold temperature of the water.
7. Most people would agree that hot and cold ___ is the best thing about their home. Electricity or gas, although important, would be second.
8. You cannot win an argument or make a point if you ___ apples to oranges.
9. Most people are ___ of their language, culture, and native country.
10. ___ is a cheap, oily fish that some sneaky restaurants try to pass off as tuna to their unsuspecting customers.
11. If you listen to talk ___, you will hear hosts present their strong opinions about many different topics. You'll also hear many different commercials.
14. One life ___ is required for each passenger and crew member on board a ship.
16. Baseball pitchers will take ___ about hitters on the other team so that they will know how to pitch to them.
18. ___ are delicious fish that live in the ocean but return to the river to spawn just before they die.
19. The camera in the bank ___ everything the robber did before he left the bank with the money. He was ___ by the police 3 blocks away.
21. If you hear, 'All ___ that's coming ___,' you'd better get on the boat if you're a passenger. (And get off it if you're a visitor.)
23. The US Coast ___ is responsible for rescuing boaters in trouble.
24. If you ___ a hole in the hull of a boat, make sure you use waterproof cement.