Story 059a

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1. The opposite of 'to simplify' is 'to ___.' English is a ___d language for beginners.
5. You should keep both hands on the ___ wheel at all times while driving.
6. People occasionally ___ some words quietly under their breath when they are upset.
7. ___ always means 'two.' Keep ___ hands on your handle bars when riding your bike.
9. You take aspirin or Tylenol to get ___ from a headache (or you get rid of your boyfriend).
10. Tomato, coffee, and ink ___s are very difficult to remove from clothes.
15. Your car uses various ___s to keep it running well, including oil and coolant.
16. If your car doesn't change gears easily, you might need ___ repairs.
17. Cars used to have automatic or ___ transmissions. Now some cars have both.
20. When you're driving, you should keep the ___ space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Also, your manners should always be ___.
22. People breathe a ___ of relief when they get their computer to operate properly.
25. If you park your car on a street that isn't ___, you need to turn your wheels so the car doesn't roll accidentally straight downhill.
26. If you can't see ___ the windshield, you need to clean it before you run into something.
27. Always make sure you have plenty of gas in your car so you won't get stuck out in the middle of ___.


1. A ___ gives your car better coverage than street parking, but it's not as secure as a garage.
2. Sooner or later, your car is going to develop a ___ or two. You'll see the stains where you park.
3. Have you ever ___ about owning a Mercedes?
4. All drivers should receive ___ about proper etiquette while driving. Rude drivers cause anger and accidents.
8. Pull the ___ out, wipe it off, push it back in, then pull it back out to check your car's oil level.
11. The ___ reaction to a yellow light in Los Angeles is to speed up. (Well, a FEW drivers actually prepare to stop.)
12. The officer told the young man to hand over ___ driver's license.
13. It's a ___ to police why people leave their cars unlocked. Unlocked cars invite thieves.
14. Even if you ___ lock your car in big cities, it will usually (not ___) get broken into if you leave anything of value visible inside it.
18. People think that if they roll up the windows and turn on the AC, they won't ___ polluted air. (They're wrong.)
19. Most new cars require that you ___ into Park before you can turn off the engine.
21. If your car breaks down, a tow truck will ___ it to a dealer or to your home.
23. When your car is running in ___, it is not in gear (or you have the clutch depressed).
24. Old bicycles used to have only three ___s. Modern cars and motorcycles have up to six ___s.