Story 063a

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  28         29          


1. Drivers have to stop at a stop ___ or they might get a ticket or have an accident.
3. I tried to call you several times, but your phone was always ___. Who were you talking to?
4. Bicycles have two ___s. Cars have a clutch ___, a brake ___, and a gas ___.
5. Impatient and rude drivers ___ their horn long and loud at other drivers. You should ___ only in an emergency.
9. You mix ___ with water, sand, and gravel to make concrete. (To avoid confusion, remember that cE... comes before cO....)
10. Nowadays, when people receive interesting or humorous email, they often ____ it to their friends.
11. The impatient driver was ___ped by the policewoman because he didn't ___ at the four-way ___ sign.
12. Tiger Woods plays ___ on ___ courses all over the world. He is the best ___er in the world.
15. In most states, it's okay for drivers to make a ___ turn on red.
17. A big rig is a big ___. An 18-wheeler is also a big ___. A pickup is also a ___, but not a big one.
20. Rush hour should be called ___ hour, because traffic ___s along very slowly.
22. Bob doesn't go to a barber; he cuts his hair ___.
24. If you're a bad ___, you might get a traffic ticket or end up in an accident.
25. You would have gotten here on time if you had ___ home earlier.
26. Put some butter in the frying pan. ___ turn on the burner. ___ crack an egg into the hot butter. ___ flip the egg over. ___ put the egg on your plate. Finally, eat the egg!
27. A woman with a beautiful body has all the right ___s in all the right places.
28. Copper, aluminum, and tin are ___s. Braces for your teeth are ___ or clear plastic.
29. A humorous bumper sticker says, I ___ for Garage Sales. During rush hour, your foot is on the ___ pedal as much as on the gas pedal.
30. A ___ neighborhood has lots of houses and/or apartments.


2. If you ___ stop signs and red lights, you will have an accident and get a ticket.
3. Sun___ protects your skin by ___ing many of the sun's harmful rays. A fatal freeway accident might ___ traffic for hours.
4. Police vehicles ___ this neighborhood regularly. Criminals had better look out.
6. A good ___er will have many loyal followers.
7. Freeways usually don't have sharp curves; they are fairly ___.
8. Impatient and rude drivers often honk their horn and ___ loudly at other drivers.
10. Your hood is on the ___ of your car. Your trunk is in the back of your car.
13. A ___ in need is a ___ indeed. A good mechanic is your car's best ___.
14. If you ___ something, you don't want to say it loud and clear. Many people ___ to themselves while stuck in rush hour traffic.
16. If you don't show up on time, we will ___ on without you. We're not __ing to wait for you.
18. When you come to a yield sign at an intersection, you should slow down and then ___ carefully.
19. Water doesn't flow ___; it always flows downhill. Big rigs go ___ very slowly.
21. Even if you ___ have an accident or get a ticket, your insurance company might raise your car insurance rates.
23. Drunk drivers often cause ___ accidents. The accidents are ___ to the other drivers, but the drunk drivers often survive with no injuries or minor injuries.
27. You ___ before you walk. Traffic ___s along at rush hour.