Story 064a

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2. ___ to the Bible, God created man in His own image. ___ to science, man evolved.
3. The ___ of people living in the US in 2007 was about 300 million.
6. A bullseye is the center of a ___.
7. If you can't sleep well, ___ you are stressed out. Or, maybe there's another reason.
10. It's a pleasure to have a ___ time with ___ people. It's not pleasing to be around an un___ person.
12. A ___ bed is narrower than a double bed. It is also called a single bed.
14. I ___ called my girlfriend when I meant to call my landlord.
15. They say that dying people always tell the truth on their ___.
17. 'To ___ his own' means that it's OK for ___ a person to have his own likes and dislikes.
19. You can ___ up or divide up things, but you can't subtract up or multiply up things.
20. People tell little white ___s because telling the truth might hurt someone's feelings.
22. If a person continues to steal things, he's going to ___ up in jail.
23. If you have to ___ things, it means that you have to multitask, or do several things at the same time.
25. The offramp from a freeway will have big signs telling people '___ Way' so they don't accidentally enter the offramp.
27. Many people do crazy things in their teens and twenties before they finally ___ down to start their own family.
28. When you are a ___, you think 30 is very old. You think you will live forever.


1. Laura couldn't think of a ___ reason why she should marry Mike. She could think of many reasons why she should stay ___.
2. An ___ woman will attract many men.
4. If a woman is single, it doesn't automatically mean that she is ___. She could have a boyfriend or fiance.
5. If a store runs out of an item on sale, sometimes they will give you a ___ check so that you can purchase the item later at the sale price.
8. If you're not ___ to get married, you should wait until you are ___.
9. Women who have nice-looking legs often wear short ___s.
11. A skirt-___ is a man who tries to date almost every attractive woman he sees. He is also called a wolf.
13. Biting your nails is a bad ___ that will make your hands look ugly and maybe keep people from dating you.
15. If you're '___ to meet someone,' it means that you think they are very attractive (in one way or another).
16. You should date ___ people before you get married so that you find the right person for you.
18. Some clever women can ___ a man out of much of his money.
21. If you '___ like a hamburger,' it means that you ___ like EATING a hamburger, not that you ___ flat and greasy like a hamburger patty.
23. Everyone likes to laugh at a good ___, just as long as the ___ is not on them.
24. ___s like to have boyfriends, and boys like to have ___friends.
25. If you tell a little ___ lie to your boyfriend, he probably won't mind.
26. People ___ to generalize. If a woman dates a couple of different men who turn out to be jerks, she ___s to think that ALL men are jerks.