Story 065a

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1. A gas ___ protects soldiers from breathing poisonous gases in wartime.
3. One ___ of a beautiful woman's perfume can drive a man crazy.
5. To ___ someone is to bother them enough that they want to leave or they want you to leave.
7. The judge might ___ a lawyer for 'contempt of court.' Or the judge might put the lawyer in jail overnight.
9. A court ___ is the official who administers court business and operations.
10. A judge might ___ a case because it is a waste of the court's time and the defendant's time.
12. If you don't ___ to a subpoena, you might end up in jail.
14. If you ___ problems that irritate your neighbor, he might take you to court.
17. A ___ is a member of a jury.
20. A ___ usually consists of 12 jurors, but sometimes there are only six.
21. Because they want to get a lot of money from a jury, people often ___ that the defendant caused them to suffer terrible injuries.
22. If a TV show produces 100 episodes, it qualifies for syndication. Then people can watch ___s over and over for years and years.
24. If your wife wants to divorce you, you won't be able to ___ her lawyer.
26. If you can't speak English, you're not ___ for jury duty.
27. ___ and indigestion often go together. Sometimes you get ___ if you don't eat enough fiber.
28. If you have a physical or mental ___, the government might give you money to help you out.
30. Would you ___ to pay a fine or go to jail? Most people would ___ to pay the fine.
31. A ___ lawyer might be able to convince a jury that a guilty man is not guilty.
32. Everyone has a ___ to obey the law and pay their taxes.


2. A ___ is an order for you to appear in court.
4. If you ___ what your lawyer tells you to do, you might end up in jail. If you ___ your girlfriend, she might find a new boyfriend who doesn't ___ her.
6. The judge ___d after spending 30 years on the bench. Many people went to his ___ment party.
7. A ___ is a person who commits a serious crime.
8. The Supreme ___ is the highest ___ in the land.
11. In a divorce, a woman will hire a lawyer to try to get her fair ___ of property and money from her husband.
13. Being a jury member does not require ___ effort. It requires mental effort.
15. Jury ___ is a responsibility that US citizens must not try to avoid.
16. If you ___ the judge, he might fine you or put you in jail. Or he might simply make you apologize.
18. If you tell jokes in court, the judge probably won't be ___d.
19. Just because you graduate from law school doesn't mean that you ___ to be a lawyer. You must also pass the state bar exam.
21. A ___ is work that you do around the house, like vacuuming or washing the dishes.
23. A jury often consists of ___ people--just normal, everyday people.
25. Many controversial ___s in America end up in court, such as abortion and gun control.
29. Every defendant in court has a right to a speedy ___.