Story 067a

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4. A woman prefers to marry a man who will ___ her from danger.
7. We are a good ___, so I think we will be a happy couple for a long time.
9. 'If we can't be lovers, can we at ___ be friends?' Bob asked Sara.
10. They say that if you don't ___ yourself, it's impossible to ___ someone else.
11. Get the camera so I can take a ___ of you and your boyfriend.
17. Alicia and Jim got married on Jim's ___. That way he wouldn't forget their wedding anniversary.
18. If you don't want to be alone at a social event, you can call an ___ service.
19. ___ is a popular time for couples to go on vacation or go to the beach.
20. How do you ___ if you're in love? If you think of someone 24/7, does that mean you're in love?
21. I will try to win your heart ___ I can! Even if I have to swim the deepest ocean or climb the highest mountain!
23. --I will do ___ anything you want if you will take me back. --___? What do you mean, ___?
24. I made a big ___ when I thought you loved me. You were seeing someone else behind my back.
25. A married couple finds ___ in the routine of being together.
27. But I'm too ___ to get married!
28. ___, oh ___, has our love gone?
29. We have to break up ___ I don't trust you anymore.


1. ___ Day, on Feb. 14, is when men give women flowers and cards to show their affection.
2. You love me, but you're not in love with me. What does that ___?
3. They broke up, but then they decided to ___ all over again from scratch.
5. 'If we don't see each other for awhile, you'll get ___ me,' said Laura when she broke up with Mike.
6. 'I don't ___ I can live without you,' Mike told Laura.
8. A divorce lawyer often has angry husbands or wives for ___s.
12. Women are not attracted to ___ men. Unfortunately, many men are simply large boys.
13. My ___ told me to marry a woman just like dear old mom.
14. '___ does the Earth go on turning? ___ does the sea rush to shore? Don't they know it's the end of the world...' (lyrics to a love song)
15. Before young boys discover girls, they discover ___.
16. What is love all ___?
17. A boy carries his girlfriend's ___ of heavy books to show he cares about her.
19. Many teenage boys would rather have a fast ___ than a steady girlfriend.
22. ___ told me that you got married before you were 20. Is that true?
26. If you want to break up, that's not ___ with me. I want us to stay together.